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Mission Statement

mighty-mouse.jpgI’m using this space to work on the mission statement for the press. Please feel free to send comments. I can’t promise to incorporate your comments or pay any attention to them whatsoever–but I’m thrilled to  get ’em because they might, like Mighty Mouse, come to save the day!

A mission statement can often be sort of lofty and, well, high-falutin’ so to speak. I’m going to do that in part A. But in part B, I’m going to get down to the nitty-gritty to describe the things Catalyst will publish and the things Catalyst won’t publish.

The Lofty, High-Falutin’ Part

A) The definition of “catalyst” is “something that causes an important event to happen.” The best literature is a force for change. Catalyst Book Press will publish books that follow the human journey through life, paying special attention to those moments of individual and group transformation, revolution, and change. While it is a worthy goal to try to transform society, that means trying to change bureaucracies, which is like trying to stop the earth from turning. Societies are changed when individuals change and so Catalyst focuses on the ground up, at the personal level. We hope to publish books that 1) increase knowledge about the world and 2) work to help transform individual hearts and minds.

The Nitty-Gritty Part

B) First of all, with but a few exceptions, Catalyst Book Press will exclusively publish non-fiction. This non-fiction should strive for the best journalistic and literary standards. We are not interested in scholarly works though we are interested in works that have been thoroughly researched and investigated. So here’s a list of things that might appeal:

1) TRAVELNOTES Like people, places have a personality–that personality is influenced by geography, culture, religion, history and politics. So Catalyst is interested in publishing books about strange or unique places, perhaps books written by people who have either travelled somewhere or lived somewhere interesting.

2) FERTILITY AND FAMILY. Catalyst will be publishing a series of literary anthologies related to those kinds of topics (birth stories, birth parents, adoption, miscarriages, etc.) exploring people’s personal and spiritual transformations. From time to time, we will send out calls for submissions for these anthologies. Although Catalyst is not interested in self-help books etc., there may be other books that fit into this category that, from time to time, we will publish.

3) RELIGION. All religions can be a force for both good and evil. Catalyst is interested in exploring individual and group spiritual experiences, books that explore religious movements or depict religious people, spiritual memoirs, biographies, popular histories.

4) AFRICA. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Africa. In the next two-three years, Catalyst will begin publishing books by Africans and about Africa. This may be the press’s death knell. It seems like nobody buys books about Africa (woe to us.) If necessary, Catalyst will start a side non-profit to pursue this interest.

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