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 Once again, good ol’ Casey (I think that’s going to become his name on this blog, in fact, I’ll just run the words together so he becomes Goodol’Casey) pointed me to an interesting blog post.

Here was my comment to the author of the blog, which I still wonder about: “Hey, I’m curious about your thoughts on the recent phenomenon of some legitimate small publishers working hard to sell to the public online, instead of focusing on brick-and-mortar bookstores. I am starting a press this year and I spoke with one bookseller, who also ran a small press for many years, who told me that 90% of my sales as an independent press would be online. This, from a bookseller! Yet so many small presses seem to focus 90% of their energies towards the brick-and-mortar bookstore.  As a small publisher going in, I have to wonder, why? Perhaps this isn’t the forum for this question but I’d be really curious to hear back from you about your thoughts on this. ”

That goes for those of you lurking on this website. I’d love your comments. (I know you’re out there! As of today, 103 hits, and I don’t even know 103 people–ha-ha.)

January 26, 2008 - Posted by | independent publishing culture, small press, traditional publishing, vanity presses

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  1. Hi, I responded to your comment over there, before I saw this link.

    Comment by December Quinn/Stacia Kane | January 26, 2008

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