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In November 2008, Catalyst Book Press will publish Are You Famous? Touring America with Alaska’s Fiddling Poet by Ken Waldman. In January 2009, Catalyst Book Press will publish Labor Pains and Birth Stories, edited by J.L. Powers. These will each be the first book published in their respective catagories: 1) Travelnotes and 2) Fertility and Family.  We hope to soon have a section focusing on books about Africa and by Africans.

Are You Famous?

Touring America with Alaska’s Fiddling Poet

by Ken Waldman

Ken Waldman has worked as Alaska’s Fiddling Poet

since 1995, touring throughout North America in

support of his poetry collections, performances, and

CDs. is, his first book of prose, is a ramble through

the highways of America as seen through the eyes of a

troubadour. Part memoir, part travel notes, part artist

how-to—a Blue Highways for the 21st century.

Pub date: November 2008ISBN: 970-0-980-20810-8

Labor Pains and Birth Stories

essays edited by J.L. Powers

An anthology of personal birth stories. Out of such

moments are born stories that reach into the deepest

place of what it means to be human, what it means to

be spiritual, what it means to love and be loved.

Pub date: January 2009 ISBN: 970-0-980-20811-5

We’ll soon have more information, including options to pre-order.

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